Indicators for this Unit:
❑ Describe that asexual reproduction limits the spread of detrimental characteristics through a species and allows for genetic continuity.
❑ Recognize that in sexual reproduction new combinations of traits are produced which may increase or decrease an organism's chances for survival.

Vocabulary for this Unit:
Genetics Quizlet (contains the definitions for the vocabulary terms due Thursday, 4/3)
Evolution Quizlet

Make a Face Booklet - use this to analyze your Chromosome pairs:

Website for Part 2 of Make a Face Analysis (click on Tour of the Basics to begin the web quest)
How Special Are Your Traits? Video
Song: DNA (by Little Mix)
Song: DNA (by Mr. Parr)
Song: DNA Rap
Song: DNA (rather cheesy)
How Rare are Your Traits?

Mutations Lesson (Wednesday, 4/16)
Follows this powerpoint (it is linked as a PDF file so everyone should be able to open it):

Video Clips: These are referred to in the notes (above):
Family Disease
Double Immunity
A Mutation Story

Sexual & Asexual Reproduction:
Reproduction: One Goal, Two Methods (lesson for Monday, 4/21)
- You will need to click on "Launch" to begin.
Asexual / Sexual Reproduction Sort - includes the Venn Diagram & answers

A Closer Look at the Methods of Reproduction: Asexual, Sexual or Both?