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60 Mind-Bending Rock Formations

Plate Tectonics:
Watch the Break-Up of Pangea
Animation: How did Pangea break up?
What did Earth look like in the past (animation)?
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Search for any of the following topics:
- Plate Tectonics
- Volcanoes
- Earthquakes
- Mountains
- Tsunami
- Ocean Floor
- Mt. Everest
Understanding Plate Motion (USGS online textbook)
Exploring Earth (online textbook)
Answers to Some Common Plate Tectonics Questions
PBS Online Textbook, Savage Earth
Plate Tectonics Resources (online textbook)
Plate Tectonics Animations (including maps of the world, past and present)
Plate Motion Animations
Interactive Plate Tectonics Map
Interactive Map of the USA
Plate Tectonics Webquest (we will not be doing this in class, but it may be helpful for your podcast)
Convection Current Animation
National Geographic Natural Disasters Simulations
Game: Stop Disasters
Plate Boundaries Map - interactive map - scroll down to the SECOND map where you can click on each type of boundary and where they are on Earth

Video Resources (General Information)
Plate Boundary Rap
We Didn't Start the Fire (in the center of the Earth) Song
Theory of Plate Tectonics Explained
Overview of Plate Tectonics
Plate Tectonics -- An Introduction
Plate Tectonics -- Further Evidence
Plate Tectonics -- Lake Meade, Nevada
Plate Tectonics -- The Scientist Behind the Theory
Earthquakes -- Breaking New Ground
Geology (evidence for the theory of plate tectonics)
Birth of a Tsunami
Plate Tectonics MAP Google Earth interactive
Song: "The Man" (about Alfred Wegener)

Link for World Map of Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Plate Boundaries

--> Visualizing the Processes that Shape Earth's Surface
(Animations of Plate Interactions for class on 12/10/13)
Part A
1. Basic Plate Boundaries and A Second Animation on Plate Boundaries
2. Process of Subduction and A Second Animation of Subduction and Here is a Third! and A Fourth!
3. Hot Spot Volcanoes and A Second Animation on Hot Spot Volcanoes and Here is a Third!
4. Process of Rifting Animation and A Second Animation of Rifting (that also leads to a Ridge)
Part B
Mountain Maker, Earth Shaker

--> Edible Tectonics Information

Convergent Boundary Resources
Information About Convergent Plate Boundaries
Video: Features Found Along Convergent Boundaries
Video: Tectonic Plate Movement in Alaska
Video: 1964 Alaskan Earthquake
Video: How Do Mountains Form?
Video: Mariana Islands & Trench
Video: Mt. St. Helens Eruption (in the Cascade Mountains)
Video: Watch the Disintegration of Mr. St. Helens (in the Cascade Mountains)
Video: Ring of Fire
Video: Cascade Mountains and Subduction Zone

Divergent Boundary Resources
Three-Stage Evolution of a Divergent Boundary
Information About Divergent Plate Boundaries
Age of Rock on The Floor of the Atlantic Ocean
Video: Features Found Along a Divergent Boundary
Video: East African Rift Valley
Video: Africa's Rift Valley is the Largest Tear in the World
Video: Iceland's Rift Zone
Video: Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Transform Boundary Resources
Information About Transform Plate Boundaries
Video: Transform Boundaries (Hotspots explained on here too!)
Video: Earthquakes -- The Prehistoric Record (of the San Andreas Fault)
Video: Haiti's Transform Boundary

Hotspot Resources
Video: What is a Hotspot?
Video: Plate Tectonics -- The Hawaiian Archipelago
Video: Creating an Island Paradise (Hawaii's newest island)
Video: Underwater Hotspots
Video: Hawaiian Hotspot
Video: Volcanism at Yellowstone
Video: Tour of Yellowstone
Animation of a Hotspot (looks a lot like Hawaii)
News Article on Super-Volcano that sits under Yellowstone (it is larger than originally expected)

Constructive & Destructive Forces:
Game: Landform Detectives Link not working? Try this one...
(they both lead to the same activity)

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- Weathering
- Erosion
- Soil
- Property Changes
- Volcanoes
- Earthquakes
- Mountains
- Tsunami
- Ocean Floor
- Mt. Everest
Fault Animations & Information
Video: Erosion on Hawaii
Video: Explanation of Weather, Erosion & Deposition