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Mr. Parr's Radiation Song - to the tune of "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons

Guided Notes Powerpoint
Guided Notes PDF version
Reading about Nuclear Forces - forces that hold the subatomic particles together in the nucleus

Mr. Anderson explains why nuclear instability occurs and why radioactive decay happens QUESTION 1 AND 2
Fusion, Fission, Carbon Dating, Tracers Imaging Applications (tracers are used in the medical field) QUESTION 3
Visualizing a Fission Chain Reaction using pingpong balls (entertaining mostly)
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Stable v. Unstable Nuclei - how does a nucleus become unstable? QUESTION 1 AND 2
Marie Curie Great Minds (Discovery of Radium) QUESTION 7 AND OTHERS
Manhattan Project - producing the Atomic Bomb QUESTION 7 AND OTHERS
Radioactivity Expect the Unexpected QUESTION 7 AND OTHERS
Strong Interaction The Four Forces 1 of 2 - From Crash Course Chemistry QUESTION 1
Strong Interaction The Four Forces 2 of 2 - From Crash Course Chemistry QUESTION 1
The Strong Nuclear Force QUESTION 1
The Strong and the Weak Forces QUESTION 1
Radium Girls - from Sci Show
Radiation - From Sci Show QUESTION 7
Analyzing a Graph to Determine Half Life QUESTION 4 AND 5
Radioactivity and Half Life explained with visuals QUESTION 4 AND 5
Medical use of radiation QUESTION 3
Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging QUESTION 3
Food Irradiation: Is it safe? QUESTION 7
Brain Pop Videos: search for Radioactivity, Isotopes, Body Scans, Marie Curie, Nuclear Energy, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Albert Einstein
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Fission PhET
Beta Decay PhET
Alpha Decay PhET
Radioactive Dating Game (this you may have done if you did Module D for the 8th Grade Science Modules)

We will do this activity during class. There is a handout that goes with it.....
Geiger Counter Simulation (we need to use the MacBook Airs for this - Shockwave has been loaded on those computers)