Motion in Space Quizlet


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Video: Why doesn't the moon fall down?
Video: Defy Gravity! Centripetal Force!
Video: Gravity
Video: What is gravity?
Video: Cool Science - Gravity
Video: Is There Gravity in Space? (explains why astronauts appear to be weightless)
Video: Our World - Gravity in Space
Song: Gravity

Rotation - Days

Big Idea Handout (you can just type into this if you prefer)

Here is the key to the Rotation work:

Animation: Earth's Rotation Shown Month-By-Month
Video: Summer Sun in the Arctic (called a midnight sun) in Time Lapse
Video: Winter in the Arctic in Time Lapse
Video: Rotating Earth
Video: Rotating Earth (another one)
Video: Night & Day (with song)
Video: Why does Scotland have longer daylight in the summer? (WARNING: This is a link to youtube)

Revolution - Seasons - Years

Here are the handouts for the lab (done in class on Friday, 11/30):



If you can't view the powerpoint file (shown above, please click here for the movie version)
Big Idea Handout (you can download this and type right into the document if you wish):

Article: How come the Earth is tilted?

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Seasons Animation & Game
Season Simulator
Explained: Summer and Winter Daylight Difference
Video: Mechanism of the Seasons
Video: What Causes Earth's Seasons?
Earth's Motion Around the Sun, Not as Simple as I Thought (warning: this may cause your brain to hurt!)

Enrichment Activity (for 12/3 & 12/4):
Extension Video Clip: Seasons & Days
Script Outline (downloadable PDF)

Moon Phases

brainpop.com (Search for Moon Phases - Part 1 of moon lesson)
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Lunar Phases Interactive (Part 2 of moon lesson)
Lunar Phases Webquest (Part 3 of lesson)
Phases of the Moon Interactive
Video: Moon Phases Song (shown in class)
Video: Why does the moon change shape?
Video: Why does the moon look like it changes?
Video: Moon phases demonstration
Video: Phases of the moon demonstration (another one)
Practice: a worksheet and website to help practice drawing the phases of the moon
Scholastic Study Jams - slide show and animations about the moon
Website: With links to videos, animations, and games to help understand phases of the moon.
Game: Test your knowledge of the phases of the moon with this interactive game - you can check your work as you go!


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Lunar Eclipse Webquest
Solar Eclipse Webquest
Eclipse Calculator
Video: Solar & Lunar Eclipse Animation
Video: Explaining Solar & Lunar Eclipses through Multimedia
Video: Mechanics of a Lunar Eclipse
Video: Observe a Lunar Eclipse
Video: Mechanics of a Solar Eclipse
Video: Eclipse of the Century
Video: Solar Eclipse
Video: Total Solar Eclipse Animation
Video: Why don't we have an eclipse every month?


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Gravity & Tides Webquest
Tides Animation (shows and explains spring vs. neap tides)
Tides Animation (gives good explanation of tides)
Tides Animation Website (gives an explanation for tidal bulges on the side of the Earth closest to the moon AND the opposite side)
But why are there two bulges? (read through the two paragraphs above the animation for a good explanation)
News Article: Did the moon help sink the Titanic?
News Article: Astronomy links full moon to Hurricane Sandy high tide
Video: Minute Physics Explains Tides in 2 minutes
Video: Minute Physics Explains Tides in 10 seconds
Video: The Action of Tides (also explains spring & neap tides)
Video: Simple Explanation for Tides (and mentions eclipses)
Video: Ocean Tides
Video: Examples of High & Low Tides