This is the official page for the CSI: Karrer 2015 investigation.

No Permission Form? Bummer...
The History of Fingerprinting (Part 1) Website (for Day 1)
The History of Fingerprinting (Part 2) Website (for Day 2)

Crime Scene Brain Teaser Link - for fun!

Crime Scene Investigation General Information:
Coroner's Report
Suspect Questionnaires
One More Questionnaire (accidentally got left off… or did it?)
Suspect Chart (you will be provided a printed copy of this for your notes)
Shoeprint Picture 1
Shoeprint Picture 2
Shoeprint Picture 3
Shoeprint Picture 4
Shoeprint Picture 5

Day 1 of the Investigation:
Crime Scene Questions
Crime Scene Sketch
Fingerprinting Lab
Unknown Fingerprints

Day 2 of the Investigation:
Shoeprint-Height Ratio Lab
Shoeprint-Height Ratio Graph (you will have a printed copy to create your graph in class)

Day 3 of the Investigation:
Blood Typing Lab
Blood Typing Game (this is the one we played in science class)
Another Blood Typing Game
Information About Blood Typing:
From MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia
From The Red Cross

Day 4 of the Investigation:
How DNA Evidence Works: Background on DNA Fingerprinting
DNA Fingerprinting Questions
DNA Fingerprinting Lab