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Gravity Quizlet for more practice before the mastery Check.

Gravity & Gravitational Fields Research Links

Here are sites for the Gravity Big Idea research (Infographics research):
3 & 4.
7. or
8. Thinkā€¦ what is another "attractive" (not good-looking, but a pulling) force? Research that type of force!
10. This is a bonus. I'm not giving you this one. ;)

Gravity Video Links (Search for Gravity)
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Video: Feather & bowling ball drop in a vacuum
Video: Penny Drop Myth Busters
Video: Why doesn't the moon fall down?
Video: Defy Gravity! Centripetal Force!
Video: Gravity
Video: What is gravity?
Video: Cool Science - Gravity
Video: Is There Gravity in Space? (explains why astronauts appear to be weightless)
Video: Our World - Gravity in Space
Gravity (song) - John Mayer parody
Schoolhouse Rock's Victim of Gravity
Gravity explained - Make Me

Ticket to retake videos:
Imagineering on Gravity
Why are astronauts weightless?

Gravity Enrichment - Black Holes

Brainpop - Life Cycle of a Star (Username toby.carpenter, Password karrer)
Video: Black simulation with a balloon and aluminum foil