Quizlet Set for Genetics and Heredity
Make-A-Face Translation Guide: (Click to download)

Where do your genes come from? (video)
DNA from the Beginning
How special are your traits? (video)

What are genes? (video clip)
What are SNPs? (extension of video clip, "What are genes?")
DNA Song (by Mr. Parr)
What are dominant and recessive? (article)
Tour of the Basics
Genetics Song
Crash Course Biology: Heredity
Phenotype v. Genotype

Mendel & His Pea Plants:
Starter on Gregor Mendel
Mendel's Pea Plants Simulation (link to the web quest)
Greatest Genetics Discoveries: Gregor Mendel (clip for #17 a)
Gregor Mendel – Great Minds (clip for #17 b)
Pollination Station - a more simple simulation of Mendel's experiment
Video TedEd: Mendel's Peas and Punnett Squares (starter for 4/7)
Some Genes are Dominant - video about Mendel's genetics with pea plants

Punnett Squares:
Learn Biology: Punnett Squares (use this to help you learn about Punnett Squares)
Simulation on Mendel's Work Shown in Punnett Squares (helpful if you want another way to think of Punnett Squares)

What's the difference between homozygous and heterozygous? (starter for 4/8)

Pedigree Outline (should open to have notes for the self-paced lesson, is also linked to self-paced lesson)
Pedigree Basics
What are pedigrees? (starter for 4/9)
Examples of autosomal and x-linked, plus dominant and recessive disorders are shown on a pedigree
Link to Self-Paced Lesson

Video Notes:
Mutations Presented by the Amoeba Sisters
One Wrong Letter (Youtube Link if this link doesn't work)
Family Disease (another link if that doesn't work)
Double Immunity (another link if that doesn't work)
A Mutation Story (another link if that doesn't work)
What causes antibiotic resistance? (try this link if that doesn't work)