Indicators for this Unit:
❑ Explain how variations in structure, behavior or physiology allow some organisms to enhance their reproductive success and survival in a particular environment.
❑ Explain that diversity of species is developed through gradual processes over many generations (e.g., fossil record).
❑ Investigate how an organism adapted to a particular environment may become extinct if the environment, as shown by the fossil record, changes.

Vocabulary for the Unit:
Genetics Quizlet
Evolution Quizlet

Link for Wednesday's (4/17) Online Lab: Analyzing the Burgess Shale
Virtual Tour of the Burgess Shale
100 Greatest Discoveries Bill Nye - Burgess Shale

Slide Show of camouflage
Adaptations Powerpoint:

Examine each of these clips to explain how variations in structure, behavior, or physiology allow some organisms to enhance their reproductive success and survival in a particular environment (activity in class on Tuesday, 5/6).
Bottle-Nosed Dolphin
Venus Fly Trap
Praying Mantis
Toxic Newt
Human (scent)
Masters if Disguise (if time)

Link for Arthropods Webquest (in class on Wednesday, 5/7 & 5/8)

Evolution By Natural Selection Lesson (for class Monday, May 12)
Please Download the powerpoint to your laptop to use in class.

Here are the video clips embedded in the powerpoint:
Clip #1 - Natural Selection - The Greatest Discovery in Science
Clip #2 - Charles Darwin Information
Interactive: Nowhere to Hide and Mouse Clip and Peppered Moth Clip
Clip #3 - How Does Evolution Work?
Clip #4 - Isn't Evolution "Just" a Theory?
Clip #5 - Overview of Reproduction, Adaptations & Evolution
Crash Course Science - Natural Selection (trimmed)

Evolution Episode from Bill Nye

Need Some More Examples of Natural Selection?

You need to be able to explain the theory of evolution by natural selection. This means describing how a species changes (evolution) through a process of natural selection. In order to be accurate, you should also be able to identify key pieces of natural selection. Some of the following resources will help:
Video: Introduction to Evolution by Natural Selection (Khan Academy explains the big ideas)
Lots of Examples Listed

Evidence for Evolution
Please watch as many of these video clips as you need in order to adequately explain the fossil AND the genetic evidence for evolution by natural selection.

From Fossils:
Stories from the Fossil Record (Link for Thursday, 5/15 in class)
How do we know evolution happens?
Becoming a Fossil
Fish with Fingers?
Radiometric Dating (understanding how to "date" fossils)
Fossil Evidence for Bipedalism
Mass Extnction

From Genetics:
Tetrapod Limbs (document showing how the front limbs of several organisms have similar structure)
Embryo Development - Common Past, Different Paths
Genetic Tool Kit
The Common Genetic Code

From Simulations:
How Variety Gives Rise to New Species