Examples of Forces (Follows handout, "May the Force Be With You"):
A Push or a Pull (song from class used to define force)
Sport Science Clips to illustrate different kinds of forces, "May the Force be with You:"
Clip 1: Cheerleading v. Football
Clip 2: Softball v. Baseball
Clip 3: Golf (part A) and Golf (part B)
Clip 4: Gymnastics - Vault
Clip 5: Swimming
Image: Tension Force

Forces for Dummies

Forces Extension:

Recommended Online Resources:
Balanced and Unbalanced Forces (Physics Classroom)
What are Balanced and Unbalanced Forces? (note: free body diagrams are explained on this site)
Free Body Diagrams Explained
Free-Body Diagrams (Introduction)
Calculating Net Force
Practice Calculating Net Force
Physics of Football

Video Resources:
Gravity Force Cartoon
What is a Force? (Veritasium 1 of 2)
What forces are acting on you? (Veritasium 2 of 2)
Rolling Friction
The Science of Skydiving (diagramming forces)
Balanced & Unbalanced Forces
Bill Nye on Balanced Forces
Khan Academy's Balanced & Unbalanced Forces
Balanced and Unbalanced Forces Explained
Gravity (song)
Calculating Net Force Examples (in this clip, they will explain the process with force measured in pounds, or lbs. -- calculating net force is the same in Newtons or N)
Free Falling in Outer Space from TedEd

Before Taking the Describing Forces Mastery Check (review clips):
Got Science! Newton's First Law using Hockey and Perpetual Motion track
Disney's Imagineering Presents Friction and Drag
What forces are acting on you? (Understanding why it is called normal force)
Example of Drag from Jimmy Fallon

Extra Sport Science Clips:
Braxton Miller's Spin Move (OSU football)
The Science of Stink (Which sport smells the most?)
Ray Lewis vs. Battering Ram
Effects of Dehydration on Athletes
D'Angelo Russell's wingspan (former OSU basketball player)
Odell Beckham's one handed catch
LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan