Part 1: Motion - CLICK HERE for the answers to the Motion section of the study guide
Physics Classroom Interactives:
Name That Motion
Graph That Motion
Graphs and Ramps
Vector Walk (difference between distance and displacement)

PhET Simulations:
Forces and Motion
Force in 1 Dimension

What are Motion Maps?
What is a Motion Graph?
Model Rocket Motion
Motion Graph Review

Review Documents:
Motion CK12
Motion Maps
Motion Maps powerpoint
Motion Graph review

Part 2: Forces and Newton's Laws of Motion CLICK HERE for answers to the Forces and Newton's Laws section of the Review Guide

Physics Classroom Interactives:
Free Body Diagrams
Rocket Sledder (forces acting on a sled)
Elevator Ride (experiencing "Weightlessness" and "weightiness")
Atwood's Machine (testing various sized masses and how it impacts force needed to move objects)
The Cart and Brick (conservation of momentum)
Exploding Carts (mass and motion)
Collision carts (mass and collisions)

PhET Simulations:
Forces and Motion
Force in 1 Dimension

Other Interactive Sites to try....
Newton's Laws Interactive
Amusement Park Physics (The page begins with a review of Newton's laws but includes inter actives like Bumper Cars, Roller Coaster etc. - scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to select the different interactives to try.
Newton's Laws in Action Videos with graphs of motion
All about Laws of Motion - quizzes, videos, interactives - tons of stuff to try.
Newton's Laws Review - quick one page reviews with animations and quiz questions
Understanding WEIGHT as the Force of Gravity, (so if F = ma, then W = ma)

Part 3: Energy (including Work): CLICK HERE for answers to Energy Day 1 review questions and CLICK HERE for answers to Energy Day 2 and 3 review questions

Physics Classroom Interactives:
It's All Uphill (how inclined angles impact the work)
Stopping Distance
Roller Coaster Model
Roller Coaster Design
Chart That Motion
Mass on a Spring - energy bar charts show the differences

From Jason Project:
Coaster Creator

Electrical Energy:
Physics Classroom Interactives:
Aluminum Can Polarization (static electricity)
Coulomb's Law (force of attraction and repulsion of electrically charged objects)
Electric Field Lines
Electric Field Hockey - get a goal!
Circuit Builder

Physics Classroom Interactives:
Vibrating Mass on a Spring
Slinky Lab
Simple Wave Simulator
Standing Wave Maker
Who Can See Who? (Reflection and mirrors)
Optics Bench: Mirrors (Reflection)
Name That Image (Mirrors and Reflection)

PhET Simulation:
Wave Interference
Radio Waves and Electromagnetic Fields

From Earthguide Online Classroom:
Electromagnetic Spectrum Interactive

From Amazing Space
Electromagnetic Spectrum - try the Brain Teasers

Other links:
Doppler Effect Interactive
Doppler Effect Video
Doppler Video 2 (starts with the clip from Big Bang Theory)
Doppler Video 3
Electromagnetic Spectrum Video: Chalk Talk
Double Slit Experiment (What is Light?)