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Do you want to retake the Classification of Matter Mastery Check?

Check over the questions you missed, then go through the following Powerpoint (or PDF of the ppt) and write an explanation of each question that you missed using the details and information found in the Powerpoint. TURN IN YOUR WRITTEN WORK TO MRS. SPARKS - THIS IS YOUR TICKET TO RETAKE.
Classification of Matter Guided Notes PPT (USE THIS FOR THE RETAKE TICKET)
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These resources may also help...
Solubility Guided Notes PPT
Solubility Guided Notes PDF version

Matter Flow Chart

RESOURCES FOR REVIEW FOR MASTERY CHECK RETAKE: Here are even more resources to help....

Web Resources:

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Suspensions Review
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Homogeneous Mixtures Example link
Heterogeneous v. Homogeneous Mixtures explanation
Examples of Tyndall Effect
Water: Weird Science

Video Resources:
Mixtures Song - Heterogeneous vs homogeneous
Classifying Matter Song - Mr. Parr
Crash Course Chemistry #1: The Nucleus (10 min)
Crash Course Chemistry: SOLUTIONS (8.5 min)
What is Matter? link only
Video: Pure Substances v. Mixtures (this is the video referred to in the Guided Notes PPT above)
States of Matter video (Mocomi Kids) link only
States of Matter song link only
Types of Mixtures - the Science of Macaroni Salad
Pure Substances - elements and compounds

Science of Cooking Eggs - is a chemical or physical change?

Nanotechnology Articles:
Nanotechnology: Big Things from a Tiny World
Nanotechnology and Energy

Nano Brothers Juggling Show