The Story of Kinetic & Potential Energy (video clip shown in class on 10/27)
Coaster Creator (needed for class 10/27)
Discovery Kids' Build a Coaster (may use this if you'd like another coaster builder game)
Coaster Creator Example 1 (video)
Coaster Creator Example 2 (video)
Coaster Creator Example 3 (video)
Conservation of Energy Video (use this one in addition to the Coaster Creator Examples 1-3 for the Retake)

Tornado Water Slide
Newton's Cradle
Law of Conservation of Energy Song (played in class 10/28)

Gravitational Potential Energy
Gravitational Potential Energy Introduction
(this is Part 1 on the "Gravitational Potential Energy" handout - for class on 10/29)

Elastic Potential Energy
Elastic Potential Energy Introduction (will use in class on 10/30 or 10/31)
Extreme Trampolining (for class on 10/30 or 10/31)

How to Build a Pinball Machine out of cardboard
How to build a Plastic Spoon Catapult

Gravitational & Elastic Potential Energy Extension
How It's Made - Pinball Machines
Masses & Springs Simulation
Catapult Video (for class on 10/31)
Punkin' Chunkin' (for class 10/31)
The Science of Punkin' Chunkin'

Write a description for this animation - be sure to include an explanation of how Elastic PE, Gravitational PE, Kinetic Energy, Energy Transfer and the Law of Conservation of Energy are demonstrated in the animation.