Key to gravity questions

Gravity & Gravitational Fields

Here are sites for the gravity research:
3 & 4.
BONUS (if your bonus is #5)
7. or
8. Thinkā€¦ what is another "attractive" (not good-looking, but a pulling) force? Search for that!
9. This is a bonus. I'm not giving you this one. ;)

Gravity (song) - John Mayer parody
Schoolhouse Rock's Victim of Gravity

Magnetic Fields

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The Mystery of Earth's Core Explained (extension video clip)
Maglev Trains Video Clip
Aurora Video Clip
Magnetic Computer Simulation -
Magnetic Fields Extension Video Clip

Electric Fields

Balloon Lab Simulation:
Video Clip of Charges on Tape
Bill Nye's Demos of Electric Charges
The Mystery of Lightning - How Lightning Works
How Static Electricity Works
Online Table Hockey:


What is an Electromagnet? Video Clip
How to make an electromagnet video clip
Bill Nye's 100 Greatest Discoveries in Science - ELECTROMAGNETISM
How do speakers work?

Speaker Building

Cartoon drawings of step by step instructions

Video of the working speaker
Website with details about building your own speaker