Constructive & Destructive Processes:

Constructive & Destructive Forces On-Line Lesson

Resources by Individual Topic:

Weathering and Erosion (some lead to Deposition, too): A good resource for kids about geology and geologic processes - this link will take you to the page about weathering and erosion, but you can look at all sorts of topics related to our menu project

What is the difference between Weathering and Erosion?
Video: Explanation of Weather, Erosion & Deposition
Video: Erosion on Hawaii (shown in class on Tues., 2/18)
Video: Landslides
Song: Weathering and Erosion by Mr. Parr
Video: Weathering and Erosion

Deposition of Sediments:
Video: Erosion & Deposition of Sediments
Video: Deposition of Sediments - includes weathering and erosion as well (Youtube)

Website: Fault Animations & Information
Website: Faults and Fault Zones - click on each type of fault to see pictures and explanations
Website: Faultline seismic science at the epicenter - this site has basics about faults and a link called "Damage Control" which has info about building EQ proof structures.
Video: Kinds of Faults

See resources on the Earthquakes & Earth's Interior Wiki Page

Video: Clip on Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius on Pompeii (examines what the city would have been like)
Video: Vesuvius Buries Pompeii

How the Rocky Mountains formed (video from You Tube):

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- Erosion
- Soil
- Property Changes
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- Earthquakes
- Mountains
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- Ocean Floor
- Mt. Everest


Topography On-Line Lesson Plan

Some Topography Video Resources:

Understanding Topographic Maps (shown in class Mon., 2/10)

Topographic Maps Video (shown in class Tues., 2/11)

How to Read a Map & Contour Lines (from a survival manual)

Powerpoint that covers how to read a topographic map: